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Networking - Keeping You Connected - Kutz Technology Services
July 31, 2016


Have connectivity issues with your current wireless in your home or office? Need to extended the range of your current wireless network? Do you have a wireless printer but have not had the chance to get it fully setup? Want to share files between computer and/or back them up to a network hard drive that everyone can access? At Kutz Technology Services we have the solution to your networking problems.


Create a Network

Are you starting a new business or just getting the internet put in at your home of office? We can help you by running the cables and installing the hardware necessary to get you working at top speed! With the improvement of wireless technology, most of your devices can be setup through wireless transmission, although having a wired network is always the most reliable way to go. 


Extend Your Network

Depending on how large an area you want your wireless network to cover, we can setup multiple routers to cover the space needed to keep you connected wherever you go in your home or office. 

We can also run extra cable throughout your home or office as a more reliable way of staying connected to the internet. 


Setup Devices on Your Network

It is not uncommon to have your network setup only to have certain devices not connected properly to utilize their full potential. 

Most printers now being sold are equipped with some sort of ability to be connected to your computer network. This can be wired with an ethernet cable or using WiFi. We will not only make sure your printer is correctly configured to work on your network, we will show you how to print to it from any of your devices whether it be your main computer or even your smartphone. 

We can also setup a network storage system so that anyone setup to use it can easily access this system to share or backup important files. File sharing between devices without Network Storage systems can also be setup.